Bana All Pro Sponsorship

Bana AllPro Sponsored Athletes

Re Building and Re branding is difficult but we are up to the task. With new ownership and new management we are committed to making 2019 the year of Bana! We know we can’t do it without a great team of Athletes that is why we are building a NEW Bana All Pro athlete sponsorship program. We have discussed the wants, needs and concerns from former and current athletes as well as other industry leaders in the clothing industry to bring you an easy to join (instant to start) and easy to grow into that dream sponsorship all with the backing of our All Pro staff ready to help you every step of the way. Are you ready to join the Bana transformation? Learn more and apply below.

How it works to be a Bana AllPro


Requirements: There are exceptions but general rule of thumb

  • Over 18 years old
  • Active on social media (2+ posts per week
  • Quality engagement on posts
  • Have competed or currently compete in sports or compete in bodybuilding
  • Not affiliated with another clothing brand

Benefits of Joining Bana AllPro:

  • Starter package of clothes and accessories
  • 30% Discount on all purchases
  • Exclusive pre order discounts up to 50% off
  • 2 FREE items per month after 60 days active (provided requirements are met)
  • 1 FREE item per 4 items sold (when your code is used)
  • 20% commission on sales (when your code is used)
  • 30% commission on team outfitting sales
  • Included into the Bana AllPro community
  • Invites to Bana hosted events and photo shoots
  • Opportunities to get paid

What we expect:

  • Post original content 3 times per month. Original content is described as Athlete posing in a gym or lifestyle environment wearing at least one article of Bana clothing. These should not be selfies or taken in any type of bathroom setting.
  • Athlete agrees to tag @bana_athletics on Instagram as well as using hashtags #banagear #banaathletics and #banastrong in all Bana related posts
  • Wear, promote and share Bana gear as often as convenient.
  • Athlete will not represent or promote other competing companies such as clothing brands, retail clothing stores or manufactures.
  • Athlete agrees to promote Bana in a 100% professional manor. No profanity, nudes, or negativity what so ever in any Bana related posts.

If your interested in becoming a Bana AllPro member and looking forward to working with the NEW Bana [RE]BORN movement please fill out the application below. We work on processing applications as fast as possible we are always looking for great new members of our family.


Do you have what it takes? Get your 2019 goals started with a Bana Sponsorship below